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Node.js Vs Golang: A detailed comparison between top back end languages

Backend is the foundation of any online application! And a merchant’s business success and security completely depend on it as well. So, apart from having an impressive design idea, choosing the perfect technology for creating amazing applications is also a must for a merchant to achieve higher sales and profit. For this, there are a plethora of options available in the market. However, Node.js and Golang are known to be as one of the most efficient and successful backend languages available in the market.


Although both of these languages are highly efficient and effective, making the right choice between these two is a must to cater to the business requirements. With this article, today we will take a deeper look into the features of these two backend technologies to make the correct choice for creating unique software products. But before we dive into the comparison, let us take a look at their basic definition and features:

Node.js and its features:

Node.js is an amazing cross-platform environment built upon the V8 engine of Google Chrome. It has a versatile set of libraries that aid Node.js development companies in creating fast and secure mobile applications with ease. Also, it allows developers for server-side scripting, which makes the development process more faster and efficient. Below is a list of few unique features available in Node.js:


  1. The V8 engine consists of Just in time compiling mechanism. This makes the execution time for Node.js application comparatively lesser than applications built on other technologies.

  2. Node.js is highly extensible and can be used alongside other frontend and backend technologies with ease. This makes Node.js applications highly scalable.

  3. Node.js is a standalone technology with a huge community and an easy learning curve.

Golang and its features:

Golang is an open-source technology with cross-platform support. It is also a statically typed programming language with a coding structure similar to Java and C++. Some of the unique features of Golang are as mentioned below:

  1. Golang is easy to learn and offers a faster development process as well.

  2. It is a statically typed language with rigid coding standards, which makes the programs written in Golang cleaner.

  3. Goland offers automatic memory management as well to make the whole project development convenient.

Golang Vs. Node.js

Although both Golang and Node.js are amazing backend technologies, there are a number of differences in them that make these two capable of addressing the needs of different businesses. Below is a list of some of the differences between Golang and Node.js:


  1. Node.js is based on Javascript, which makes it easy to learn and understand for web developers. However, Golang is a technology in itself, so developers might need time to master this language.

  2. Golang offers better concurrency as compared to Node.js. Because its single-threaded structure creates problems during the execution of large scale apps.

  3. Node.js has a higher number of ready-made tools and libraries then Golang which makes it convenient for Node.js application development companies to work with it. Also, it has a larger developer community, which can be a great aid for receiving guidance and solving out-of-the-box problems.


Both Node.js and Golang can be a great choice for creating amazing backend. However, when it comes to developer experience, usually Node.js wins the race! Since it has huge community support, plenty of resources, and an easy learning curve as well. So, adapt to Node.js today for creating your mobile or web application and open up the gateways for higher profit and sales.


Published on 7.8.2020



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