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Carer of the elderly: TRAINING/PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ( formation pour assistance personnes agées)

The expectation of life has increased even in Africa. In the past years elderly persons having difficulties while living alone would live their homes and move to their children  and those would take care of them.

Nowadays people have to work more and more. There is lack of time or patience or of knowledge to take care of elderly people in the appropriate manner.

In addition to that some elderly persons have diseases like dementia and they need continous special care and support.

There are few persons trained as carer for the elderly, there is also a lack of specialized centres where elderly persons can be brought to spend time together with others and having adjusted activities.

I think training more young people in this area will create jobs,  lead them to create specific centres and to offer professional services as out-patient carer.

Published on 9.1.2018
Updated on 9.1.2018



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